Specialist in the import and export of meat and seafood.

Import and export of meat and seafood

Agritrade was founded in 1985.
It is specialized in the import and export of meat and seafood, and is today part of the top-level French operators.

Working on all oceans and continents, we manage your merchandise flow with always a great care of ethic and efficiency.

Our business partners are powerful and reliable food industries with whom we try to systematically develop new alliances for always a richer and higher quality service.

The same way, we have for many years built strong and stable relations with a bank pool made of 4 big leading players on the international financial market.

Producer, buyer or trader, do not hesitate to contact us. Our traders are committed to ensure that customers will be pleased with our products and services.

Its Values

Agritrade is a people-oriented company. Our quality of services relies on the human assets of its employees but also on a high standard of performance.

Thereby, our company privileges values that make our employees people with whom you will have pleasure to work with.

They are committed to ensuring that clients rely on us, prefer doing business with us thanks to all the ethics, dynamism, availability and professionalism that feature them.

Far from the Parisian bustle, at the door of the French VEXIN, you can come and meet us at Cergy-Pontoise, just 30mn far from Paris. You will find below a printable map with indications to come, by car or public transportation.

Agritrade is specialized in international meat and seafood trading. In order to fulfill our customer requirements we are sourcing our goods from all continents, seas and oceans of our planet

Our mission is to supply all our customers with the highest quality products, always aiming at impeccable service and professionalism.

Whether you are a supplier or a customer, we work together to establish a commercial proposal that fulfills all of your requests.

For the best product at the best price, we study each market with our suppliers and advise our clients on fast-moving trends.


Our sales representatives are specialized in meat products. They can propose you varieties of products - beef, pork, lamb, poultry - with classical or more technical cuts.
We have developed close partnerships with the best producers in the major origins such as:

  • the European Community including in particular France - thanks to our location,
  • Oceania (New Zealand – Australia),
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, …) ,
  • Asia (India, …)..


The positive evolution of the seafood activity confirms its importance within the group. Yet this market is very fluctuating: numerous origins, fishery quotas, weather conditions. All these unpredictable elements make the business rich in diversity but above all reserved to specialists.
We have developed close partnerships with the best producers in the major origins such as:

  • Mediterranean sea (Turkey, Greece,…) for high quality fish,
  • Atlantic (USA, Iceland, Faroe islands,…) for all cuts of fish and shellfish,
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand,…) for shellfish and all cuts of fish,
  • Asia for shellfish and all cuts of fish


Because of our location, the French market is our captive market, on which we are covering all segments: industry, supermarket distribution, catering and food service with always the same care for high quality service, efficiency and professionalism.

Agritrade has built its reputation on the distribution of lamb either frozen or chilled and assure a perfect supply chain control from the farm to the end consumer.


Our clients and suppliers are typically located in the most important consumption zones: Africa (Northern, Western Africa & Central), Russia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Asia and many others.


The logistic organization is fully part of customers’ satisfaction with a perfect quality of products and services.

Agritrade is relying on its experience and knowhow of its team for delivering any goods to its customers.

The logistic and documentary instructions are perfectly controlled whatever the product, the packaging or the final destination is.

We have put in place all the needed tools that we need to fulfill our own or customer needs (ERP, EDI,…).

The delivery of our goods is carried out by partners known worldwide and satisfying our specifications. This ensures perfect control of storage, transport and packaging


At Agritrade the quality of products and commitments to sanitary requirements are fundamental.
That's why we strive to always select leading suppliers and service providers regardless of product and country of origin.
Agritrade has set up the following commitments:

  • Systematic and withholding analyzes of products are performed by accredited laboratories prior to releasing to the market.
  • Suppliers have BRC, IFS and HACCP certification.
  • Ascending and descending traceability is ensured for all products.
  • A sustainable development of our sector of activities.
  • A health watch is set up to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

The excellence of our activities is based upon human and professional qualities of our team. If you do not know them yet, you'll learn to know our people while working with them, side by side.
They are dedicated to their work and have a great knowledge in their specialization:

  • Import
  • Export - international trading


Yannick OGER
More than 25 years of experience and expertise that he will be pleased to share with you. A granite temper reflecting its origins (Brittany)..
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Frédéric GUERRA
Dynamic, rich of more than 16 years of experience, a fighting character as his name sounds, he will perfectly advise you and advocate our initiatives and products.
Tél. +33(0) -
Newcomer to perpetuate the team, she is at your disposal for any information, she will bring you the necessary assistance in business management.
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With more than 30 years of experience in meat and seafood trading, he will bring you his knowledge of the markets as well as the regulatory and sanitary contexts. With ethics and professionalism, you will build together business relations.
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Engineer by education, with now 8 years of experience ensure continuity of the business while preserving the company values.
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Fréderique KIEFFERT
Experienced and cautious assistant for the back office. she has been managing the supply chain an the documents. She will help you and give you all the assistance that you would need for the best management of your businesses.
Tél. +33(0) -
Gisèle OGER
With 9 years of experience and increased vigilance, she manages the logistics and documentary chain. At your service, she will bring you the necessary assistance in the management of your businesses.
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Establish the team in charge of the administrative, accounting and financial departments. Rigor and discretion, so many qualities as requires this service beside of which you will always find the accounting and financial information which you need.

Our contacts details

Address: 10/12 boulevard de l’Oise
Immeuble « Grand Axe »
95031 Cergy Pontoise Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)1 34 35 13 13

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